The Waiting EP

by Anoniem

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A companion to the full length "Colors We've Never Seen" and recorded in the same sessions, this EP is made up of re-worked songs from the Waiting For Darryl days.


released January 13, 2016

Ryan Johnston - vocals, guitar, synth
Mitch Wixom - drums, percussion
Andrew Pippin - bass

Additional musicians:
Richie Webb, Matt Reyes, Micah Sorum and Daniel LaBrune - gang vocals on "The Madness"
Kyle Folden - guitar solo on "Tempt Not A Desperate Man"

Engineered in April 2009 by Ryan Johnston at TESC Studios in Olympia, Washington.

Mixed by Ryan Johnston in September 2016 at the Spaceroom in Los Angeles, California

Mastered by Ryan Johnston in December 2016 at Studiopolis in Los Angeles, California.

All songs written by Ryan Johnston, except for "The Madness" and "Turn Signal" written by Ryan Johnston, Daniel Travis and Andrew Pippin.



all rights reserved


Anoniem Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: The Madness
It was a cold dark night when it went down
the stars were on your face
it was all I could do to keep my eyes from the ground
and send them to you

Now that we're all said and done
will you come out fighting?
Right has never felt so wrong
will you come out fighting?

But you kept your stance, mighty and proud
you did not waiver
you'll never know how hard it was for us to
send this message to you

I know it's over now
but I still can't help but feel like
I'm losing a part of myself
Track Name: Tempt Not a Desperate Man
Calendars grow thinner
as the clock counts down
and temperatures fall
to the ground

And I can see right through you, to you

This is the end of the beginning
the calm before the storm
and if we float here, this ship is sinking
Track Name: I Say Goodbye
These weeks are tearing
at my will to smile
still I hold my head up
through everyone else's trials
Everything is changing
feelings of hate have surrounded me
and my heart is racing
to a time when I'll be free

From feeling like
my best is never good enough for you
and I won't have to write a song like this again

And now the one place
where I find solace has
been disturbed by
what most brings me happiness
the only only to fix this
is the only way to ruin it
oh, and how I miss it, the times when
we were happy and I was free

Again tonight
I lay myself out on the table
for you to cry upon over and over and again

And it drives me insane
the feeling's gone and yet I'm still wondering
what your next move is
I think want to help but you won't let me
Track Name: The First Step
So I'm setting down the imagery
cause it's fogging up my head
my thoughts can't be put down
the curse is gone today
but I won't be fooled this time
I'll know when evil is around

I know I said it meant everything
but that everything has fallen apart
and now the hunter is the hunted
or so it seems

The metaphors float back again like a...
who didn't call this one?
the only words that come to mind
are just another pinch of salt on a wound
that doesn't want to heal

Which way should we take this?
I see two conceivable options here
There is no nice way to say it
Track Name: Turn Signal
Well I've given up
but I don't see it as an end
but rather, a new beginning

And I'm running every red light
just to live my vision tonight
and I can't go back to where I was before

Metropolitan dreams
flicker and consume my past
but life is just beginning

When that vision comes true
I will send it over to you
until that day I will sleep no more

And all I need are stage lights
to burn into my eyes
let me see all the colors
until the day that I die